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I’m a member of a website called LibraryThing.  It’s a place where you can catalog your book collection and meet others who have the same books that you do.  Sort of a social networking site in the manner of MySpace, except it’s centered around books.  Right now I have 143 books in my collection, and I do plan to add more as soon as I can find more, LOL. 200 books is the limit I can have at the moment, at least until I can pay for an annual or lifetime membership, both of which are inexpensive and allow you to add as many books as you want.

You can see my collection here. And join up from the link above.  If you love books it’s a great place to visit.  I’ve spoken with the founder of LT a couple of times – nice guy. And new features are constantly being added every day.  I’m thinking of adding a widget to this blog that will show random books from my collection.  Cool, huh?


Caitlin’s off to college!!

Mom and Dad left very early this morning (about 5:30 am) to take Caitlin, my sister, off to college at Humboldt State University.  It’s located in Arcata, which is so far north from here that they left today even tho the orientation is tomorrow.  They’ll be gone until Sunday night, more likely Monday morning, which leaves me here to look after the pets.  Frodo seems to be suffering from separation anxiety because he’s been throwing up a little bit and scratching at his crotch which he never does.  Mom told me not to worry about it, but I don’t know if he’ll eat dinner tonight or not.  Just will have to see later, I am supposed to feed him about 6:00 pm or so.

So, what am I to do with a week of having nobody around?  Any suggestions?

Little Leaguers are fun to watch!

I turned on the LL Regional game last night between Arizona and Northern California and that was a lot of fun to watch. They had this kid from Arizona who started the game as the starting pitcher, finished it at first base, and oh, he hit three home runs :-d I teased that they should check him for steroids, LOL. I was just fooling :p The Western and Northwestern Regionals are taking place right down the hill in San Bernardino. Maybe next year I’ll go to a LL ball game just for the fun of it – admission is totally free, and it’s cool to watch these little kids smack baseballs for miles, hahahahaha!!!

Grandma’s House

Oh ho, what a surprise! Apparently we are going to my grandmother’s house tomorrow. Normally we go like once every other week but this is unusual, LOL. Oh well, i enjoy going to Grandma’s :d Plenty of milk, cookies and chips to eat, hahahaha!! We will be spending the night but I know I will be able to be online – just on Grandma’s clunky 56k line, which is a major pain in the rear.

She lives in Seal Beach which is about two hours from where I live. It ain’t a bad place to live, it’s right near the ocean and Gum Grove is a favorite place of hers to go – it’s a local park near her home where she (and us when we come down) can take the dogs for a walk.

Talladega Nights

I went out with my family a few days ago to go see the new Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Mom didn’t want to go down the hill to the CinemaStar 20 theaters in San Bernardino (it would have taken an hour to get there), so we went to the theater in Blue Jay, about 10-15 mins away. It’s the story of a NASCAR pit crew member who ends up getting in the car himself when the driver quits, thus starting a legendary racing career. Along the way he finds love, despair, no job, a new job, his old job back and rivals aplenty. It’s really funny even if you don’t understand the racing references (and I do).

I strongly recommend the movie to anyone who loves funny movies or Will Farrell. You don’t even have to be a sports fan to love the movie. 7/10 😀 Go see it!!

I’m back!! :D

I just thought I’d switch over to WordPress. It has a whole lot more blogging features than Blogger and you can categorize your posts by subject so it’s easy for people to find your thoughts on a whole variety of subjects. Plus they do have a lot of themes you can use, that look very cool. I’m going to TRY to post here at least once a day if I can. Leave me comments if you want, you don’t have to register to do so.

Love y’all!! 😀