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I’m a member of a website called LibraryThing.  It’s a place where you can catalog your book collection and meet others who have the same books that you do.  Sort of a social networking site in the manner of MySpace, except it’s centered around books.  Right now I have 143 books in my collection, and I do plan to add more as soon as I can find more, LOL. 200 books is the limit I can have at the moment, at least until I can pay for an annual or lifetime membership, both of which are inexpensive and allow you to add as many books as you want.

You can see my collection here. And join up from the link above.  If you love books it’s a great place to visit.  I’ve spoken with the founder of LT a couple of times – nice guy. And new features are constantly being added every day.  I’m thinking of adding a widget to this blog that will show random books from my collection.  Cool, huh?