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Grandma’s House

Oh ho, what a surprise! Apparently we are going to my grandmother’s house tomorrow. Normally we go like once every other week but this is unusual, LOL. Oh well, i enjoy going to Grandma’s :d Plenty of milk, cookies and chips to eat, hahahaha!! We will be spending the night but I know I will be able to be online – just on Grandma’s clunky 56k line, which is a major pain in the rear.

She lives in Seal Beach which is about two hours from where I live. It ain’t a bad place to live, it’s right near the ocean and Gum Grove is a favorite place of hers to go – it’s a local park near her home where she (and us when we come down) can take the dogs for a walk.


I’m back!! :D

I just thought I’d switch over to WordPress. It has a whole lot more blogging features than Blogger and you can categorize your posts by subject so it’s easy for people to find your thoughts on a whole variety of subjects. Plus they do have a lot of themes you can use, that look very cool. I’m going to TRY to post here at least once a day if I can. Leave me comments if you want, you don’t have to register to do so.

Love y’all!! 😀